Bedroom secrets about my Backpack. #Ugblogweek -last blog @AfroBloggers

Posted: November 27, 2016 in #UgBlogWeek, Beauty, Ugandan things

Bedroom secrets about my Backpack.

Truth is my backpack is my first love. It is irreplaceable. It is a very loyal girlfriend of mine. It quickly adapts to my moods. It’s like the backpack has grown in me and it’s now part of my muscles. While still at university, some friends used to joke that I may carry a backpack on my wedding day. They were not alone. Some cousin once told me that he doesn’t have to look at my face to confirm if it’s me on Kampala streets. He insisted that he just looks at my backpack.

I have lots of backpacks for different purposes but each one speaks to me the same way.Maybe my cousin wanted to emphasize the fact that am always with a backpack.Backpacks are a must have trendy accessory to all genders. It’s beyond just a fashion statement. There are those specialized for sports, breast feeding mothers, camping, Picnic, travel, office, gadget carrying ,and shopping.

The bedroom secrets

SAMSUNG CSCTurning me on. It’s always stocked with chocolate just in case I need that boost of my moods. Outer Side pockets can carry a water bottle, milk or juice in a bottle. My backpack automatically acts as the official beverage sponsor when am traveling. It has to create room for water bottle and snack box.


Tigeress.The backpack has romantic Features like strong zips with locks. It has 12 pockets to carry anything like documents, gadgets and an umbrella

As a gadget carrier

Depending on the day’s tasks, it can carries a power bank, USB cables,laptop,MP3,tabPower bank is there for gadgets  so there is no excuse to run out of battery.

Other stuff. Am not a fun of using my teeth to open bottle tops. There are keys for obvious reasons in my backpack and a bottle top key holder just in case it’s needed. I also carry a backpack cover to protect it from rain and dust. My backpack also carries a full body raincoat and umbrella to deal with unpredictable weather.

Sometimes my backpack willingly converts into a shopping bag when am in the market for the obvious reason of the kaveera ban. Most important item in my backpack is antibacterial tissue .To me, life is more important than anything. You may go to the field and have a bacterial infection.

Just because move with my back pack all the time does not mean it’s a replacement for my life buddies. I doubt it will even make it to the bridal entourage on my wedding list.

To be continued, for now let me get back to cleaning my backpack.


Ivan N Baliboola

PR and Organizational diagnosis Specialist



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