I will ban social media, Christmas plastic trees and Sms this Christmas if am president for a day #UgBlogWeek -Day 6,12th post.

Posted: November 26, 2016 in #UgBlogWeek, Flavoured opinions, Ugandan things

christmas-treeI will ban social media, Christmas plastic trees and Sms this Christmas if am president for a day in Uganda.

Come December 2016, President Nome for the Republic of Uganda will ban social media, artificial Christmas trees, and sending Sms this December till January 2017.

 Uganda will have the most memorable Christmas after voting me and I will not disappoint. I will offer them the best Christmas experience south of the Sahara. Uganda has lost the true spirit of Christmas. As the President, I will wake up and ensure parliament passes “Christmas for Dummies” law that will ban the use of plastic Christmas trees, social media, sms Christmas cards. This temporary ban can also cut across social media and Wi-Fi spots. Probably that way people will learn to talk face to face better like in the past. The ban will only be applicable for December and January.


Have you ever received the same festive season text message hundreds of times from different peoples? Celebrating Christmas in this country just went to the dogs. Sometimes it tests your patience if you receive a message just recycled or forwarded without any edit. It implies lack of creativity and absence of true love. If you really love and care for someone, then write from your heart so it’s meaningful not just copying. Telecoms should temporarily disable sms systems for December and January. That way Ugandans will learn to send Christmas messages naturally with thoughts. Social media ban will stop recycled Christmas messages on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Instead of talking and joining the rest of the family, others are glued on social media. Ban on social media will force more people to at least opt for church services.


Christmas cannot be authentic without a live Christmas tree. When it came to Christmas trees, Ugandan homes used to feature a wide range of shapes with strictly cotton wool, toilet paper, lights, cards, and balloons as decorations. On New Year’s Eve it was a culture to burn the tree for family to celebrate a new season. Today it seems everyone just makes a on-off plastic Christmas tree purchase and they reassemble the same tree each year.


The natural scent of a Christmas tree is just priceless. The odourless Chinese Christmas trees cannot match. It’s a “kifesi” Christmas experience if the tree is just some plastic and metals assembled each year. Getting a natural Christmas tree is part of the Christmas fun and togetherness. You have to identify the natural Christmas fence that will fall victim, get a panga, and hire a squad to scare barking dogs till you get the tree inside the house. Those who can afford can still go buy the live trees and transport them back home. Most parts of a plastic Christmas tree are not environmentally friendly. Imagine the polythene bags used as packaging materials.


Santa and snow imagery is just smuggled into the Ugandan social set-up. Today we have big companies that design their Christmas cards with snow and white Christmas which is wrong.Chritsmas season in Uganda does not have snow at all.






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