Top 8 UG Brands that excelled at the 2016 Kampala festival parade. #UgBlogWeek #KampalaCityFestival @AfroBloggers

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Top 8 UG Brands that excelled at the 2016 Kampala festival parade

Every year the Kampala carnival gets better. This year, there was a rally sprint on the eve of the carnival and after the parade. Some famous brands like Coca-Cola and Airtel did not return to the Kampala festival parade this year. It’s a platform for KCCA to interact with Kampala residents, brands, and the world. Unlike the past festivals, the 2016 experience presented a twisted grand experience in the history of the festival.2016 Kampala festival colour theme was a Black, Yellow and Red.

This article  ranks the performance of brands on the Kampala festive parade. Kampala Festival parade is a procession through kampala road. The parade’s lead car is that of KCCA ED Jenifer Musisi with “Nankulu” number plate. Each year, there is increasing evidence that  more Ugandan based brands take more time to prepare for the carnival costumes and trucks. Only eight brands made it to “the best brands on the Parade list” in terms of effective communication, right costume, brand character visibility, and Creativity. Other brands on the parade like; Jubilee insurance, Pic-hill primary school,DTB,Vodafone,star café, Skin guard,Interaid, Agha khan, and Finance Trust bank did not make it to the top eight this year.


  1. MTN Uganda

There is no doubt that MTN took the first place. MTN used its MOkash and Juuza campaigns’ concept for the parade appearance. MTN truck was shaped like a Gorilla. As usual the KCCA train steals the show. Since they are organisers, they were removed from the list.KCCA tuck shaped like a train is the lead truck followed by other branded trucks. The KCCA train had all the theme colours of the 2016 festival which was Black, yellow, and red. The MTN truck also carried a blue VITZ car for the Juzza campaign. The MTN ushers were smart in MTN branded T-shirts. There was also a man in an MTN T-shirt on camel.MTN had dancing queens on top of their truck which explains their outstanding performance.






Movit is a leading cosmetics manufacturing company that is taking the east African region by storm. Movit made it to the second place because everything including; their truck, ushers, branding was on point. Their pink brand colour was visible and they got their concept right from their “Yolese” campaign. Movit had the biggest number of Subaru cars, horses and sport bikes than anyone else at the parade. The Movit truck was fitted with some cosmetics look alike containers behind.


  1. JesaSAMSUNG CSCJesa got the third place. Jesa Farm Dairy is a dairy processing company in Uganda.They manufacture milk products in different flavours.The truck on the Parade was shaped like a cow which is their nature of business. The team from Jesa had bikers and dancers. The Jesa truck had their packed milk dummies.


  1. Africell.

Africell had the longest procession on the parade. Africell is a Ugandan telecom which launched its commercial operations in Uganda in November 2014, having completed the acquisition of Orange. Africell had more than three trucks and tens of motorcycles. The Africell truck was in its brand colours with inflated dancing balloons  communicating their 1/= promotion. SAMSUNG CSC

  1. Uganda cares

Uganda Cares is one of the country’s largest providers of AIDS treatment, prevention and support services. The Uganda cares truck shaped like the world, it had the phrase “keep the promise on AIDS”


  1. Christ Embassy

The sixth brand was Christ Embassy in Uganda linked to Pr.Chris. It is known for their publication of Rhapsody of realities. The truck was well branded in white just like heavenly angels. They also used the truck to announce an upcoming crusade in Namboole.


  1. BBS TV

BBS TV also had a show on the Kampala festival parade. BBS truck top was fitted with a lion symbol to represent the Buganda Kingdom and the kabaka.



  1. TECNO

SAMSUNG CSCA mobile phone manufacturer didn’t miss the parade. It designed its truck to look like a butterfly. Some of the Tecno ushers were dressed in white robot costumes which symbolised technological advancement.


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Ivan N Baliboola




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