How to brand yourself for success.

Posted: October 1, 2015 in Beauty

How to brand yourself for success.
Start treating yourself as a brand. Branding helps you stand out from the crowd hence success. It pays to have all eyes on you. These tips will help you build and protect your personal image.
Presentation. Always be presentable because first impressions last. Follow the Sunday’s best look rule. People will treat and respect you depending on how you present yourself. Invest in your wardrobe. Ensure it has some class and style. Periodically buy new outfits and dispose off the old ones. No one will forgive you for being dirty. Even if you repeat clothes every two days, let the two shirts be clean. Clean and iron them. Always make sure you wear some perfume and deodorant. Do not get me wrong. Do not spray yourself with insecticides or air-fresheners. Ensure your hair is always kempt for men. Ladies must avoid frenzy hairstyles. A multicoloured head gives off a less professional look.
Be informed. Be informed at all times and pose smart questions. This means that before you ask what time zone Uganda is in, check Google. Smart questions help you learn and be respected. Do not ask questions that make others doubt your I.Q. Invest in books and courses. You must follow current affairs.

Building relationships will get you everywhere. This can be done through networking. Join local volunteer clubs and professional associations for example Uganda Red Cross and Rotary Club. Always subscribe and join professional associations to add weight to your career for example The Human Resource Managers Association of Uganda, PRAU (Public Relations Association of Uganda), I.T or computer society of Uganda among others.

Accessories. They say accessories are personal. Pick trademark things you cannot travel without which people can easily associate with .There are things you must have or you destroy the you brand. You must have a handkerchief on you at all times. It is not justifiable to sneeze into your hands or a curtain. This can get you to a front page of a local tabloid for the wrong reasons.
Build Self esteem. Believe in yourself and others will believe in you. No one wants to associate with negative people. Being too apologetic shows low self esteem which destroys your reputation at times. Apology over late coming is allowed but not over having less information to present. Some mistakes are too small .Just ignore or transform them into fun. Do not over dramatize an apology for example I swear I will die if this happens again.
Improve your communication skills .Seek to be the best communicator that there is. A good communicator must also be a good listener. Set aside time and resources to learn new languages. You can also take up public speaking classes in your neighbour. Get on social media and engage in meaningful debates .Soon you will become a famous social media personality brand.
Be principled. People are comfortable relating with people who stand for something. Principles help you determine what to do and what not to do. Principles may be based on religion, experience, beliefs ,and culture. Your character will be guided by your principles. Deciding to be honest and trustworthy as a matter of principle is good for your personal reputation.
Profile yourself .Present yourself as a winner. Take on new challenges and let everyone know. Participate in awards and other competitions. Awards build your credibility which turns you into an authority on particular subjects. Seek to become an expert by gathering more experience even if it means doing voluntary work within your community.

Ivan N Baliboola
PR and Organizational diagnosis specialist.

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