How to achieve a great employee look.

Posted: October 1, 2015 in Beauty

Employees must look a certain way to project a desired image of the organisation.The process of achieving a great employee look must be performed by both employees and employers. The responsibility of great office and employee looks should not be for only one party.
Formal look may translate into more revenue especially for the sales team. Someone may have second thoughts about doing business with someone with unkempt hair and a beard that is not shaved. Shabby or dirty looks tend to take away credibility of a product or service a person is offering. Great office looks requires a lot of care and attention. An employee must have a formal and professional look without fail. It is good for the reputation of the organization they represent or work for.
Developing a desired dress code culture for the organization is very important in ensuring a professional look for staff. Some companies have gone an extra mile and have a dress code policy. The policy has details on what or not to wear to office.
Some organizations have opted to put in place standard uniforms for all their workers. This ensures employees look great at all times. Uniform reduce on would-be clutter of colours for clothes worn by staff. Beauty with having a work uniform is that it can be made following company brand colours. This is complete with a logo and slogan. Employers must ensure that they provide more than one pair of uniform to ensure compliance and consistency. Having one pair of uniform comes with its challenges if it is to be worn on a daily. Organizations with uniform shoot two birds with one stone.
Those that do not require their employees to wear uniforms, have dress code rules for a great employee professional look .These rules attract certain forms of punishment so they are followed. Employees are just like students that need continuous monitoring and guidance on what to do and not what to do. The human resources department has to monitor, guide, and remind employees about the dress code policy. This should apply whether at the workplace or in the field representing the company.
Some organizations provide allowances for dressing to its senior staff. Dress allowance is meant for them to buy desirable clothes and accessories that do not shame the organization.
The most important fact is that your appearance will influence what the public thinks of you. Appearance must go beyond the clothes. It is the process of making yourself look neat and attractive. A great employee look must also include taking care of the body entirely. You can have a nice suit but the hair is cryptic. Using a mild fragrance, showering on a daily ,clean shave, combing hair, cutting finger nails, wearing a deodorant, and brushing teeth after every meal will work for male employees. Facial hair should be neatly trimmed and not multicoloured.
Female employees must avoid heavy make-up and jewelry. The hairstyle must not be frenzy and should not require constant adjustment. Women must tie their hair neatly and should not drop in their faces .Hair holding accessories must be plain with no controversial shapes and colours.
Respect, professionalism, intelligence and the trust people have for an employee can be reset with a weird look. Overall cleanliness is a must for both male and female employees to achieve a great look.
Ivan N Baliboola
Writer ,PR and organizational diagnosis specialist.


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