Men should enter the Kitchen and cook.

Posted: September 26, 2015 in Ugandan things
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African men should enter the Kitchen and cook.”To all the husbands and boyfriends who cooked for their families, and or Galfies today, God bless you. Kati the rest of you who don’t know your way around a kitchen. Shame upon you. At least burn the tea. We will understand you tried. ……….” This was someone’s post on Facebook which got me thinking.

When was the last time you as a man actually prepared a meal? It is debt to society all men have to clear. Change is here. The World is not about sitting and warming chairs. You have to cause an impact and leave memories.
There is need to defy the norms. Some African men should get active in the kitchen. Respect is earned not commanded. All people must be equal in a relationship and not one person being a slave to the other. Ugandan men should take over Kitchen sometimes unless they are not men enough. Do you marry to be cooked for food?
Social set-up in African makes cooking a preserve for the ladies. A Customary Court in Lagos, Nigeria, recently dissolved a 25-year old marriage because of the wife’s lateness in preparing meals for her husband. Some parents do not bother to teach boys how to cook from an early age in Africa. Not all boarding schools make male students to peel food like sweet potatoes which is wrong. Men are managers of homes; why not empower them to do everything that makes up a home?
I once had a workmate who used to tell me that it is bad luck for a man to be in the kitchen in the Buganda culture. It portrays you as greedy. In most Ugandan cultures, a man who serves himself food is labeled a glutton which is cryptic.
The men come up with all excuses not cook. They feel their hands will smell and may develop teary eyes after cutting onions. Cultures have labeled cooking a girly chore. There is new technology released everyday to simplify cooking. Today you find rice cookers that will prepare rice in less than ten minutes. So you do not eat just because your wife is away as if you do not have hands. Only starve yourself if there is no food or cooking gas in the house.
A kitchen should stop being marked for women and women only. Parents are crucial in this mindset change among males. The starting point to bring more men to the kitchen will be letting them to wash utensils. Getting used to tools of work may grow their interest to cook.
Someone complained about her husband failing to even warm takeaway in a microwave. How inhuman can some men get? Those men who are guilty as charged should start by being closer to the source of fire. Ladies and gentlemen should try and learn how to cook because the only way you can get into a person’s heart is through the stomach. There are many cooking schools, millions of free recipes online, and cooking associations. These can help anyone get necessary skills and support to get better.
Practice makes perfect. My mother taught us how to cook from an early age. You do not have to be a chef to cook at home. Cooking is one of those things you must do for love,
Ivan N Baliboola
Writer,PR and organisational diagnosis specialist


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