Critique on Unhitched the movie

Posted: July 13, 2015 in Ugandan things

Romantic Comedy about a failed writer (Stuart Townsend) who is asked to be a best man by his old school friend. The Best man’s room-mate looks at it as an opportunity to get back at the bridegroom for mistreating him in the past.
Best man’s room-mate tries to prove to everyone that the bridegroom is a womaniser. The best man ignores his room-mate’s allegation about bridegroom being unfaithful. Soon the best man starts to develop feelings for the bride. And so does the bride.
The best man comes face to face with bridegroom’s promiscuous acts during a secret bachelor party. He sees the bridegroom get cosy with stripers and confronts him. The misunderstandings results in the best man being locked up in a private house. Best man manages to escape and successfully stops the church wedding with the help of his room-mate. He gets the bride after other girls in the church admit sleeping with the bride groom
It is a hilarious movie. It is a movie you can watch many times and discover something new. The story confirms that love is blind. The bride leaves a wealthy guy for a poor failed writer who was fired from his only job. The movie also teaches us not to trust friends. The colleague that the best man sent to legally force his former boss to reconsider his sacking instead falls in love. His colleague tells him news about his date with his former boss not the legal employment battle.
Actors: Stuart Townsend, Raphael Schwartz
Approval: 5/5
Ivan N Baliboola
PR and Organisation diagnosis specialist.


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