Movie review: Big fat liar

Posted: June 4, 2015 in Flavoured opinions
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Stars: Frankie Muniz, Paul Giamatti, Amanda Bynes
Director: Shawn Levy
Genre: comedy /drama/action
My approval rating: 5/5
It is a 2002 action comedy about how a young boy Jason‘s school essay mistakenly finds its way into the hands of a Hollywood producer who turns the idea into a film.
The 14-year old boy Jason makes up stories and will lie about anything. His parents start not to trust whatever he says. On day, Jason goes late to school and sneaks into class. The teacher asks him to present his essay but he make up lies and forges a story. The teacher accepts on condition that he hand writes it. Jason writes the essay and rides his bicycle to hand it in. He is accidentally knocked by a Hollywood producer in a limousine. He offers him a lift but the written essay is left in the limousine by mistake. The Hollywood producer steals it and turns it into a movie project.
Teacher and parents do not believe his reason that script was left the producer’s limousine. Jason is asked to repeat summer class but his experience on the first day is so bad. The boy goes to one theatre and finds out his story was to be turned into a movie without his permission.
Jason and his friend Amanda Bynes embark on journey to confront the Hollywood producer. Jason and his friend Amanda successfully revenge on the producer. Parents believe Jason. The confession of the Hollywood producer is successfully recorded on camera. This is after Jason gets help from disgruntled current and former employees of the Hollywood producer. This is one movie you can watch over and over.
Ivan .N.Baliboola
PR and organizational diagnosis specialist


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