How Women are trying to tame their cheating partners.

Posted: June 1, 2015 in Ugandan things
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How Women are trying to tame their cheating partners.
Fixing people is the hardest thing you can ever be asked to do. People are not like cars models. Experience fixing one car model may help you fix another different model. All people are not easy. This article looks at things women do to pump discipline into their cheating men .Ladies are applying all tricks of to mark their territory. Some of these tricks have actually delivered unique results to some
Women have learnt to Spy on their men. They either hire private investigators or simply rely on information from friends. With such information, any Women can play rugby and table tennis inside a man’s head. Women spy on their cheating husbands and punish them either secretly or publicly. Some ladies simply just do not reward bad behaviour. Women simply deny their men conjugal rights if they suspect they are cheating. A story is told of a woman got a information that her husband was busy inside another woman’s chest in a hotel. The Wife did not confront him but simply hired a breakdown to tow his car from the hotel to their marital home. The man made frantic calls and ran up and down thinking the car was stolen. On reaching home, he saw the car in the home garage. The man had to confess in her name about his cheating appetite. However same trick may not work for smart men who simply cover their number plates or exchange cars while cheating. Some women are able to get photographic evidence and confront their men. The ladies that are still dating go an extra mile and secretly duplicate keys to his place so she conducts surprise.
They mark her territory and let the world notice there are in love. Women today simply ensure that their presence is felt even when they are a thousand miles away from the man. It’s just like corporate companies decide to put up their banners with logos to prove the fact that they are main sponsors of the event. Some Women go the extra mile to mark their prey habitat.They drop buckets of lingerie, ear rings and photos everywhere so the man finds it hard to import another woman. Some women have even made it a rule to the men to hang her bras as though they were wall clocks where they stay. This way she believes her man can not cheat on her. The man must explain to her if it is not in sight. Imagine how hard it is to explain presence of earrings or bra in a car or house by a man claiming to be single. Sending nude pictures to him so he has what to think about. They think nude pictures help them satisfy their men’s visual thirsty eye. These nude pictures are sometimes used against them. Disagreements may force him to leak such photos to the media. Social media and electronic gadgets have helped women announce to the world that they are in love with. She simply puts his photo as a profile picture to introduce him to her social networks. It’s possible someone will report when he is misbehaving with someone’s heart elsewhere.
Women do abrupt love audits to stop their men from cheating. There is this woman who kept an excel sheet of condom serial numbers they bought, stocked and used with her partner at home. This woman decides to start recording batch and serial numbers for each condom brand they use and buy. One day she audits unannounced and the poor man had simply used part of the stock on someone else and refilled the box. The man had no idea the woman had her records. The man was found guilty. That can not stop him from cheating on her again but he will think twice before he does.
Some Women are becoming baby making machines to stop their men from cheating .It not fair to obviously use a child or pregnancy to force his commitment but this works for some. Children are great attachments in any relationship and some women think the child increases his love for her. So some women intentionally get pregnant to get a player to settle down. Some realise the man is having children outside the marriage so they take it as a challenge with side dishes or co-wives. They simply give birth till the eggs in the woman are over. They give birth one child after another with hope that financial burden may cause him to stop looking for kids out.
As usual some women have died in their own movies. Some men just do not want to know and nothing will change their cheating habits.
Ivan .N.Baliboola



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