How to de-friendzone yourself in any relationship

Posted: May 30, 2015 in love
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Oxford dictionary defines a zone as an area distinguished on the basis of a particular characteristic, use, and restriction. Friends are close people who share common friends. Friendzoning is like someone grounding you not to fly to becoming a couple. Friendzoning that stage of a relationship when two people involved cannot take it to the next level. Sometimes people we meet can take it to the extreme to even familyzone us after friendzoning. This means you are now to treat each other as brother and sister. Obviously this means no more discussion of a love relationship.
First step is to find out if you are family or friendzoned by anyone. Look at things that a person does to imply that they are not free really into you. Men at times mistake friendly women for signs that they are interested.
Some women prefer to treat themselves as prizes ready to be won after certain terms and conditions are met. It’s a man’s ultimate adventure to do the chasing after a woman who feels sweet and friendzones him. Someone once said ‘If you want it, you face it’
Women normally friendzone if they no longer feel the attention and attraction. Sometimes getting too close to some people makes them follow predictable routines which get boring. Learn to compromise and do the unthinkable things like faking tears, buying flowers and washing her feet. Break the boundaries. Do what her brother and friends can not do. Whether it is her birthday gift, go beyond what an ordinary person would buy.
Who said Love is not a tough game. You can never get new results doing the same things.
Find a motivation to remove the friendzone. They say marry your friend. There are those irritating old school statements ‘you are such nice person and you will get someone meant for you’, and ‘Sorry dear,I do not think of you that way’. Let us be friends. Life teaches us that the battles we do not fight are the easiest to win. The Bible is against us accepting rejections. In fact God did not give men a spirit of fear.
Refuse petty names from the word go. These are likely to ease their freindzoning motives. Insist on being called real names to show some seriousness. Names like my brother from another father are signs of danger. Why should one write dear as ‘dia’? Make your presence to be felt. Once in a while throw in lines describing your future as a couple in conversations.Fr example One day I will marry you. It can even be negative like I do not think a nice beautiful woman like you can marry a person like men. This will make her go on the defensive. She may want to prove you wrong. Communicate your thoughts indirectly. Show that you need to take it to the next level
Do not be her relationships counsellor. Refuse to listen and discuss her men issues. Tell her off in a nice way why she can not discuss other men in her life with you. Let her always think that it will hurt you. Present yourself as best alternative. For example ask her why she talks about losers when nice men like you are available.
Time is your best asset. Make sure that all your de-friendzoning strategies are on schedule and work within a timeline. You will not plan to defriendzone yourself for 10years.Obviously if you do not act first, someone else will. Remember it’s about who has the best game.
People who friendzone or family zone you normally are not sure if you are the right person they want to spend the rest of their life with. Proof your worth without necessarily trying too much to impress. This situation requires hard work and more time to get to know each other. It may not necessarily be love at first sight like most people. Have you met couples who have grown to love each other? Sometimes hate slowly becomes the love. Success of this mission requires persistence and taking no for an answer.
Unfriendzoning a woman does not mean you become a psycho because of desperation. Do not try to impress her because that never works. Do not be in her face every minute otherwise you will irritate her. Be yourself.
Ivan .N.Baliboola


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