Dealing with grammar at the Workplace

Posted: January 22, 2015 in Ugandan things
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Dealing with grammar at the Workplace
There are lots of things that can mess up a good day at the workplace. Written text with typos is one of them. All careers today depend on proper writing. Grammar is one of the biggest challenges for any career person out there.
Any grammatical error can go viral. Do not tempt people to ask you to take back your degree because you failed to proofread your work.
Good grammar makes good business sense and not just when it comes to recruiting. Good grammar can tell you a lot about anyone. How careful are they? What is their attention to detail? How well educated are they? Do they respect adherence to standards?
Always stick to acceptable formal writing styles. Good writing skills are more important today than in the past. Writing skills are nolonger a preserve for only those in the communication departments. Professionals spend more time each day processing paperwork. Employees are bombarded with written communication they are expected to respond to daily both online and offline. It is imperative that employees are able to write well in the shortest time possible.
Every employee is supposed to have a critical eye to ensure that they do not make mistakes. Proofread written communication as an ongoing process. Create a team to always share with the communication for support before the communication is released. The team can be made up of your friends.
Deploy technology to fit into your daily writing grammar needs. Many free dictionary and typing softwares are out there. Social media accounts and email systems today have inbuilt dictionaries. However, do not take their spellings and advice as gospel truth. For example one word may be correct in US English but wrongly spelt if you follow British English. Desist from using auto spelling checks.
Employees must come up with their own writing guides for their respective Organization.If your workplace does not have set grammar guidelines, and then use guidelines of another institution.
The more we communicate which everyone is doing a lot today, the better grammar becomes. They say practice makes perfect. The more experience an employee has with writing, the better. This is complemented by reading. Writers are not born but they must read to write well. Reading equips anyone with tools to write well.


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