Why brothers are slow in church

Posted: October 14, 2014 in Ugandan things

Women in Church complain that Christian men take long to initiate relationships. Men don’t necessarily play around. If they need something, they will fight to get it right away. Maybe he is not interested in you and all he can offer is friendship. Do not just call him slow. He is waiting for probably ten years as he monitors you. Great things come to those who wait.
Some sisters use the same yardstick of the world brothers who are quick. They find you on the street, in a minute he is all over her. Some men have suffered acting slowly as the target is taken over by someone else. It pays to be slow and picky as a man. Brothers should never rush because they are looking out for the best character and heart matters not beauty like the secular guys.
Some people think studying should be left to the women. I personally think brothers should start a relationship and then study while in that relationship. It’s wrong to study and then propose.

Ivan N. Baliboola
The author has worked with some of the most well-known and influential East African brands in construction, healthcare, Insurance, cosmetics, and banking. He carries a wealth of experience in marketing, Public relations, crisis management, and social media. He is a proud Award winner of a prestigious Public Relations Association of Uganda excellence award. He has volunteered his life to addressing environment and health related causes. He is also a blogger, professional critic, and strategist.
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