My new crush is “Coffee and books”. It is a platform for writers to meet and discuss literature in Kampala. They write new work off prompts provided by the facilitator, read out each other’s work, offer feedback ,and tell stories as they take Coffee at Endiro coffee shop  in kamwokya.

“Coffee and books” is a brain child of Writing our world, Kahini, and Endiro coffee shop. It is a monthly literary event. The “Coffee and Books June edition” on Saturday June 11, 2016 was off the hook. The event brought together writers in Kampala from different races and professions. Coffee and books may be the answer to Uganda’s poor reading culture. The best way to define “Coffee and books” is calling it a mini writing workshop. Each participant contributes UGX 10,000 towards coffee and refreshments.


Participants discussed three pieces: A poem,The ponds by Mary Oliver,  a Novel ,We Need New Names’, by NoViolet  Bulawayo, and a poem ,“Instructional manual on self-destruction by lucas chib. Ray Bradbury once said that you must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. Surely “Coffee and books” gathering is one of the best thing that ever happened to Uganda. I had no idea it would be that exciting and would even get me new writing friends.


The event started at 9am and ended at 1pm. We all need writing to boost our moods. Poet R.M. Engelhardt once said that all he needs to survive a rainy day is a good book and a coffee. Participants also took a moment of silence to remember a member of Uganda’s writing fraternity who died in a boda boda accident.


It is an event that combines writing and reading. Participants read excerpts and then review them. Participants are then tasked to write something of their own by Just picking a theme, line or topic from a discussed piece.


As the event is about to end, every participant is free to read out aloud what they wrote if they want to. Announcements are also welcome towards the end of the event. Whoever has general information regarding festivals, and upcoming events can share.


Let me end with this. Toni Morrison said that if there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.


Ivan N Baliboola

PR and organizational diagnosis specialist.


This is a great black American movie. The Movie is about a married woman of two children struggling with sex addiction. She just wants more. Having sex three times a day is not enough. She starts cheating with two men to get satisfaction.Sex addiction is not something you smoke but it’s a real problem. Let’s face it, we are all tempted everyday but it’s about self control. Movie portrays the side effects of pornography and sex toys. The woman stops cheating when one of the other men gets violent as she tries to end the affair. Movie shines different perspective on how women battle sex addiction. She gets into rehab with support of her Husband. It is a late 2014 movie that is already in cinemas.

Ivan N Baliboola



Make a fashion statement with a Backpack.I Have actually invested in a big backpack collection Backpacks have been in existence since Stone Age period. According to Wikipedia, in ancient times, the backpack was used by hunters to carry meat after hunting.In many countries, backpacks are identified with students as a primary means of carrying school books.
Backpacks designers are now targeting different ages,uses,and professions. Backpacks are ideally suited towards the active lifestyle that has become so prevalent these days.
Today you find special backpacks to carry electronic gadgets, lunch boxes,clothes,bottles, flasks, documents, identity cards,raincoats, umbrellas,and sports equipment, books,baby items among other things.
Backpacks are preferred to handbags because of comfort when carrying heavy loads.Features such as padded straps and waist straps distribute weight across the body.Backpacks are also more secure. For example if worn with two straps,its hard for anyone to snatch it.
Shopping for the right Backpack
The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends backpacks with wide, padded shoulder straps. Narrow straps can dig into shoulders resulting in pain and restricted circulation. Backpacks with an extra strap that wrap around the waist offer better support.
Look out for suitably fashionable, attractive, health risk free backpack.Scientific studies have discovered that backpacks could cause injury if not properly used. Posture problems can also arise from improper use of backpacks
Backpacks must be comfortable. Look for padded shoulder straps, waist belts ,and sternum straps which distribute the weight around your body to reduce the risk of back pains and neck pains. If you will be spending a lot of time moving with your backpack, then buy the one with rollers.
Also check if it is waterproof. It may rain and yet you have electronic gadgets inside. Feel free to confirm with the shop attendant before you buy.Zip type is also important. Look for strong zips with provisions of where to place a paddocks.
Ivan Baliboola

ivan final (2)
Government through National Information Technology Authority Uganda (NITA)-U drafted social media guidelines for Civil servants. If you read the 39 page document on NITA website, the government move is justified and governments world over have done it. The guidelines focus on usage, access, code of conduct, training, , risks, strategy, resource planning, and the legal framework related to the use of Social Media for government entities. With effective online communication, direct and self-censorship is inevitable.
Using social media is now a popular means of communication. Social Media has given everyone a voice. Without appropriate guidelines, organizations are vulnerable to inappropriate posts resulting in crises, often by well intended employees. Most social media sites are free and do not require subscription. But that does not mean there should be no control. Just because you have free lunch does not mean you do not wash your hands or follow normal hygiene procedures. The most famous social media sites in Uganda are Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Blogger, word press, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.
Every organization should have social media policy guidelines which address questions like: Who will coordinate? What process needs to be in place to regularly monitor social media activity? How will this happen? How to manage the social sites. Some Companies have had to start new social media accounts every time an employee managing it leaves. Guidelines can help ensure continuity and discipline in such instances.
Social media guidelines prepare organizations for the worst case scenario ahead of time. Civil servants are empowered to be proactive, rather than wait until an issue erupts and be forced to react in crisis mode. The government guide cautions civil servants on timely response to social media queries. Effectiveness of social media is achieved through fast responses.
Social media guidelines act as a crisis management tool. Some critics have attacked government about the issue of seeking authorization to participate in an official capacity but this is what any organization would do to safe guard their image. Disclosure of sensitive or financial information without authorization may be damaging and irreversible. For example if the language tone of officials is not checked online when communicating in their official capacity; it may attract unnecessary bad media coverage. Sometimes officials trade insults online.
Limits are needed to ensure orderliness. The Computer misuse Act 2011 is not that detailed to capture social media management fully and these new guidelines come in handy. The guidelines empower civil servants to ensure they use sites responsibly. There are so many government agencies that have reaped the benefits of social media for example KCCA, URA, and UCC that can be used as case studies.

NITA may need to review the guidelines to summarize them to 2-3 pages. Choice of name for guidelines needs to be changed to be embraced by civil servants. ‘Social media play book’ would be ideal. I strongly feel that the guidelines must not end on caution but also punishment so that they are followed at all times. The Human resource specialists should ensure that all staff read and understand such guidelines before signing.
There is no doubt that the Social media guidelines will help foster government engagement and interaction with audiences in a planned and systematic way. Government and the private sector must dedicate enough resources for social Media training, equipment and internet. Social media specialists should always tie guidelines to the overall social media strategy of the organizations they work for.Guidelines should not be conservative for the brand that needs engagement. For example Guidelines on posting images of a health facility differs from that of a beer company.
Ivan .N. Baliboola
PR and Online media specialist

Competition for limited space in the media makes controlling the content or timing difficult. Celebrities make news and it is better if they are part of the stunt. Northern Uganda Youth MP Evelyn Anite read a resolution by NRM MPs to endorse President Museveni as their presidential flag-bearer for 2016 on her knees early this year. This act was a great publicity tool as most media houses carried the image of Hon Anita Kneeling down. Her cause quickly became a top of discussion.
Below are lessons from the 2013 PR stunts that dominated Ugandan media.
Lesson 1: Tugume buys coffin for Golola Moses before fight.
Tugume showed off a coffin in a press conference at Freedom City to the shock of many. The incident created enormous publicity. Coffin was a Symbol of early victory over his opponent Golola mosses by literally killing. Their fight became more anticipated because of the coffin threat. Though Titus Tugume ‘the rock’ lost to moses Golola, he got media attention that promoted the fight.
Lesson 2: Fairy tale celebrity wedding of Isabirye and Rebecca Jingo.
It was a double celebrity wedding resulting in top PR diagnosis for a PR stunt. The couple had a civil wedding and a church session at St pauls’ Cathedral on the same day. Though some people think it was stage managed. Their vows were also different from the usual ones. Isabirye flew in a chopper to their introduction ceremony and also bought her shares of a locally listed bank on the Uganda securities as a gift. Next time you think of a wedding, maybe use 20 vitZs cars for your wedding to stand out.
Lesson 3: President Museveni’s public HIV test
President took a public HIV test in November last year. This stunt was commendable.The symbolic PR stunt was well publicized online and in the local traditional media.Undertakings by extra ordinary people can inspire countless ordinary people to act or behave in desired ways. The stunt renewed government’s commitment towards HIV/Aids. President Museveni continues to receive applause for the fight against HIV/Aids. Reason for the PR stunt was generating awareness. One should have a good reason for doing a stunt before engaging in one, and then spend time, money and resources to pull it off well. A successful stunt is an awareness accelerator as it simplifies communication.
Lesson 4: President Museveni’s sack money gift to Busoga youth
The two major newspapers carried a picture of the Busoga Youth Forum chairperson,Mr Sanon Bwire, carrying a sack reportedly containing Shs250 million which President Museveni donated to Busoga youth. The act was a fulfillment of presidential pledge but critics argued that it was a manipulative move by the president.The PR stunt gained media attention. The story showed goodwill on the side of government regarding service delivery.Museveni fulfills presidential pledges. The act was a good PR stunt for the president to show continuity with NRM even beyond 2016.
Lesson 5: Celebrity Denzel showed up on stage barefoot
The former Big Brother housemate Denzel showed up barefooted in a suit to give one of the contestants a present at the Miss Uganda 2013 event. This PR stunt featured on the mighty ‘’Agataliko nfufu’’ news of Bukedde TV. With publicity stunts, timing is a component of success. Publicity stunts always succeed because they are visual. Stunts are able to set the agenda of discussion and also keeping the subject fresh in the media and minds of many.Stunts are effective communications tools when used well but they require creativity, proper planning, and media management skills. Communication specialists must always be ahead of everyone they are competing with for limited media attention. If you hate ‘cliché things’ then you will succeed with stunts.Today’s PR or marketing managers need to think beyond press releases.Controversy sells but it should never be at a sacrifice of the organization’s reputation it has built over time. A PR stunt is just like turning tap water into a Tsunami. The event remains fresh in the minds of media professionals. Stunts are effective communication tools when used well and useless time wasters when they are not
Ivan .N.Baliboola
The author has worked with some of the most well-known and influential East African brands in construction, healthcare, Insurance, cosmetics, and banking. He carries a wealth of experience in marketing, Public relations, crisis management, and social media. He is a proud Award winner of a prestigious Public Relations Association of Uganda excellence award. He has volunteered his life to addressing environment and health related causes. He is also a blogger, professional critic, and strategist.
Disclaimer: This article strictly offers academic insight meant to create awareness about crisis PR communication management. Therefore it should be used for educational purposes and not viewed as an attack on institutions or individuals. It offers a professional PR insight into Crisis management in Uganda which is still a young profession. I hope that Lessons shared can better the PR fraternity in Uganda. I commend the inclusion of Best Crisis Management Award category in the PRAU Excellence Awards. PR Practitioners need to be fully involved in crises from the start. The writer assumes no responsibility for contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein.

It is becoming common to find online posts of people not happy about being blocked by official civil servants accounts in Uganda. Why would a minister block anyone if their Twitter account is verified and it has their work title? This should be an opportunity to serve offline and online.

The moment your social media account is linked and associated to your civil servant employment, it becomes a public forum not a private account. In May this year, A U.S. Federal judge ruled that Trump was wrong to block Twitter users for their views. It was against the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Trumps @RealDonaldTrump account actually did unblock some accounts following the suit.

Ugandan Civil servants must understand that critical views are healthy for a democracy. You cannot sieve what customer feedback to receive. The Public officers of authorities like KCCA and URA have reaped the benefits of social media. They receive negative feedback and get tagged in not so good rants on social media. They dont go blocking everyone. Some even have live chats where tough questions are asked but they dont go blocking tweeps who asked tough questions.

In the past, The Government of Uganda unveiled social media guidelines for civil servants through National Information Technology Authority Uganda (NITA)-U which was commendable. The guidelines focused on usage, access, code of conduct, training, risks, strategy, resource planning related to the use of Social Media. NITA should update the social media guidelines for civil servants to include a ban on blocking followers as long as the Civil servants are still serving in office. Blocking people on social media simply blocks flow of information and great ideas.

Blocking stops direct responses and instant alerts about a public servant’s account Social Media and freedom of expression are spices of any democracy. Internet took 4 Years to reach 50 million users but Radio took 38 Years to reach 50 million users. Media helps with accountability, and transparency. Social media sites of Facebook and Twitter are so engaging. Social media is effective in timely communication and stakeholder enagegment.It is not entirely a place for rumours and fake news as OTT tax supporters have portrayed it.

If a minister blocks a journalist on Twitter, will the journalist access policy issues discussions that are not covered in press conferences? Today, media is even using social media as news sources. Public officials must rethink their blocking culture.

Ugandan government is struggling with public engagement, fake news, and less interaction with citizens. If blocking social media users is banned for civil servants, it could encourage more honest engagements on governance.

If all civil servants stop blocking followers, government will be encouraging citizens to share feedback instantly for faster action.

Am not saying civil servants should not do anything if threatened. They can offer to mute rather than block. Sometimes the followers are too annoying but must engage followers. Blocking does not give users a chance to share their opinions with their leaders.IT is better for public servants not to join social media if they dont want to be criticized.
Internet took 4 Years to reach 50 million users but Radio took 38 Years to reach 50 million users.

Ivan N Baliboola
PR and organizational diagnosis specialist

Social media group admins must tighten rules to prevent “Kawukumi” eating up the group. They must stop focusing on having numbers but rather build a quality debate platform.

Today, almost each social media site has groups. These groups bring together people mainly because of a profession, interest, and a cause. There are thousands of Ugandan groups for agriculture, fun, politics, religion, travel, baking, security, media, Public relations, and Fashion. The most common social media sites for Ugandan groups are: Facebook, Whatsapp, and LinkedIn.

Group admins must use tough rules to ensure members have discipline, and the platforms achieve their objectives. Rules must be on membership, language of communication, behaviour, conflict resolution, and content type to be shared, and debate. You cannot move forward if you have not determined what your path is ,and what it will not be. Make sure rules are shared frequently and before members join.

Even on serious professional Whatsapp groups, you find people defiling it with porn, controversial adverts, and fights. Failure to set tough rules in a group has caused reputational damages to some respected groups. For example why would a group formed to counsel people with family issues fail to remove members who bully or share non family content. Members can always join other groups to feed their other interests.
You are in a Whatsapp group for Organic farming but you have the guts to share porn, and political Content. Give me one reason why you should not be removed so that more focused people are added to the group.

Professional groups and those formed because of a noble cause must be strict on rules and other membership issues. Admins must take the extra effort to vet new members. Surely if you dont have any background in law, why would you be a member in a law group? Are you a spy? You may have more leaks from people who are not professional or passionate about the groups objective. Send them a questionnaire to answer before accepting their group request.

Admins must remain focused on the group objective otherwise it becomes group of everything. These are quite many today. My question would be Are founders happy with that? Admins must frequently define group objectives so that they remain fresh in the minds of members.

Admins must make sure the rules are not too rigid. Social media groups must remain interactive, liberal, informative, engaging, and educative. Admins should encourage members to contact any admin for clarity or challenge they may be being facing with rules. Tough rules help for easy engagement. Some people will post individual messages on the group yet a side chat was ideal.

Tough rules will help members wake up and value their membership. These groups have limits on how many people you can add. How come you are the one among the selected few?

Nothing survives without a structure. Some People continually abuse Whatsapp group membership and admins fear taking action. Before they know it, the “Kawukumi” has eaten the entire group. Group objectives and founders beliefs must be respected because they form a foundation of the group. If there is a change, it must be well thought out and communicated. Admins must take time to know their members personally offline to understand them and plan for their needs better.

Ivan N Baliboola
PR and organizational diagnosis specialist

Rolex Chapatti business is endangering private data of Ugandans

Rolex Chapatti business is endangering the private life of some Ugandans. You can never know who accesses what private information as they buy stuff from vendors.
The people in the business of paper bags are simply collecting any piece of paper they can use.

They don’t bother with which information is on the paper. You go to a pharmacy or roadside food kiosk and they wrap in anything. I have found examination forms, bank statements, medical forms, invoices, hotel bookings and a lot more personal private information that can be misused by the wrong person.

Am for recycling paper and avoiding polythene bags to save the environment. This should not come at a risk. We are still relying a lot on paperwork as an economy which is fueling the business of collecting scrap paper to make paper bags.

Poor handling of private data collected can cause a reputational damage. Why would you poorly dispose off application letters as a company? Even after being assured that the visit to a medical Centre will be confidential, some forms end up on the streets. A Local newspaper once reported on how HIV patients’ data leaked that way.

We are not about to be fully digital which calls for a quick government intervention to stop poor information handling for money gains. Everyone leaves their private information somewhere willingly or unwillingly.

Imagine a wrong person gaining access to personal data regarding another person’s medical history, financial status, business details and simcard registration. Can’t it fuel cases of abductions?

We don’t have detailed laws to check information disposal, usage, storage, and collection, yet people almost on a daily are sharing personal information with officials in the private and public sectors. Article 27 of the Constitution guarantees the right to privacy of person, home and other property. In particular, article 27(2) of the Constitution provides that a person shall not be subjected to interference with the privacy of that person’s home, correspondence, communication or other property.

The worry. It’s easier to digitize hard copies of forms with personal data with just a screenshot. Imagine just one Rolex chapatti and the public knows about the hotel I slept in because a certain employee sold the guest declaration forms to a food vendor. A Hotel should be punished for selling the forms with my name, occupation and contact numbers to a Rolex Chapatti person. Data protection self-assessment toolkit and periodic audits must be done by organizations annually.

There are eight (8) basic principles of data protection that a good legal framework must have. I will focus on only two. Use Limitation Principle. Personal data should not be disclosed outside the limits. Secondly, Security Safeguards Principle.

Personal data should be protected by reasonable security safeguards against such risks as loss or unauthorized access, destruction, use, modification or disclosure of data. The organization must now ensure their staff don’t just smuggle paperwork with private information out of office.
Even organizations with shredding machines still have staff selling papers with sensitive information to food vendors. As an internal mechanism, there must be training of all staff including civil servants about proper information collection and why they must protect personal data. There must be a special oath signed by every staff pledging to always protect personal data collected.

It is said that there is no justice without a law. Government should protect private data of citizens by passing a functional law that will punish culprits. In this Era of leaks, government must start checking on reckless information handling by people supposed to keep the personal information safe. There must be a confidentiality culture by collectors even if am obliged to disclose my personal information like wealth, contact numbers, profession and medical history to my employers.

Ivan N Baliboola
PR and organizational diagnosis specialist

This year, Cynthia Mpanga’s term as PRAU president (2016-2018) came to an end. She didn’t stand again. A sign that she believes a lot in everyone’s ability to serve. She handed over to Sarah kagingo. Sarah becomes the third Female president of PRAU since its inception 42years ago. The First PRAU Female president was Goretti Masadde.

“It has been a great honour for me to serve you alongside the brilliant men and women on the GC during my 2 year term in office at the helm of this great Association. I can confidently say that serving this Association has completely transformed me not only as a person but as a leader and I look forward to applying the lessons learnt in various situations and my other stations in life. I thank you all so much for entrusting me with this responsibility and it is my hope that majority of members benefited from many PRAU initiatives and opportunities that the GC offered.”

Excerpt from Cynthia’s farewell message in August 2018

Cynthia has served The Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU) in several capacities. This tribute looks at her service as a Secretary General and President of PRAU. The Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU) is the only umbrella body of all communicators and PROs in both the private and public sector in the country.

Many initiatives were successfully rolled out during her reign with help of the Governing Council.PRAU started membership corporate tours.PRAU members visited Umeme, parliament, NSSF among other organizations to share best practices and network.

There was a noticeable membership increase during Cynthia’s the presidency. Prau nite, PRAU monthly run, and excellence awards were the other events that helped unite practitioners across the country.

She was destined to serve Ugandan PR practitioners. In fact ,Cynthia Mpanga made history when she was elected unopposed as president by members of the Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU) during their 39th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Hotel Africana on Saturday July 9, 2016.

Cynthia’s term had impeccable brand visibility executions for PRAU both online and offline. During her term in office, there was more mention about PR and she was the face in the Media.She always challenged members to love their profession and association. She continues to remind all practitioners to always defend their profession especially in this digital age of smear campaigns.

Engagement of members. Cynthia was the brain behind PRAU Whatsapp groups and Whatsapp group outings. This platform created an online community that networks, shares, and discusses crucial PRAU topics up to date.

Exceptional Service dedication despite her work demands as a banker is undebatable. It is important to note that PRAU positions are purely voluntary. There is no PRAU event that she missed even before she became president. She attends all the monthly PRAU runs among other events.

Uniting all PR practitioners even if they were not members remains her passion. She once said “A house that is divided against itself can never stand”

Mpanga believes in all people but no one is above the association. It is the reason the Association image still stands.

As PRAU president, Cynthia Mpanga represented PRAU to the distinguished Board of Private Sector Foundation Uganda (PSFU) was chaired by Mr. Patrick Bitature and a strong team of different Sector representatives. PRAU is one of over 25 professional Association members of PSFU having joined in 2004.PRAU got a seat to represent the views and interests of all the other professional Associations. PSFU serves as a focal point for private sector advocacy as well as capacity building and continues to sustain a positive policy dialogue with Government on behalf of the private sector.

Cynthia is now a Member and advisor to the PRAU Governing Council as Immediate Past president. Her day job is at Standard Chartered Bank Uganda. Cynthia is the Country Brand and Marketing Manager for Standard Chartered Bank Uganda. She is responsible for the execution of the brand and marketing strategy for the country

Cynthia’s over 13 years work expertise in; investor relations, product development, corporate communications, motivational speaking, Marketing, Strategy, Planning, event Management, Media Relations, Social Media management, project management, Community investment, Crisis management, brand and reputation management is national asset.

Ivan N Baliboola
PR and Organizational Diagnosis specialist

People #poem

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People people people
Parents are people
And my sister is a person
I love all people
My family is full of people
People are kind
People are caring
People support each other

My Techno phone has suffered but it still loves me. It left me twice in one week. It seems no one has leaked my bank statement to it of recent. I believe it would abduct itself.

Losing a phone in Ugandan is a second death. The paper work involved in replacing a simcard is tedious. It just occurred to me that its over 4months since I last applied to replace my national ID which I have not received yet.
I looked for my phone to make a phone call in the entire house and couldnt trace it. It was at this time that I got a second thought. I used my other phone to call. Someone picked it. They said that I had dropped it near home in the morning and a certain a builder picked it. He was a humble and understanding man. Luckily enough I negotiated and paid him UGx5000.He handed over my phone.

Day 2
I dropped my phone again this time in some village in the evening. I realised I didnt have it at about 7pm. I call it from 7pm till morning and there was no answer. I gave up. Somehow in the morning, I call again and finally there is a voice. This time it is a very old arrogant male voice. The man sets his finder price at UGx10,000 or I dont bother calling my phone again. He tells me to go to some remote place near a brick making site. I jump onto my metallic horse and start the hunt. I get lost in a swamp for over an hour till someone finally led me to a shortcut. I finally meet the arrogant old man. I give him his money. Off I go. I didnt even say thank you. I left bitterly because the distance was long and the swamp left my metallic horse scratched, and my leather shoes spoilt.

Day 3
I hope this never happens and I will not have to lose my Techno phone

Food #poem

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Food Food Food

You are good

You are my best friend

Food Food Food

You are life

And am not sick because of you

Food Food Food

You are my happiness

You are my everything



It’s a 2006 romantic comedy featuring Kelly Rowland. Nothing beats black African movies when it come to love and fun. It will keep you glued to your seat.

Kelly Rowland who acts as musician Jhnelle falls for a regular guy called Derrick during a concert. Derrick sat next to Jhnelle as a seat filler for Alonzo Grant. They have instant chemistry after he fixes her broken heels.

As time goes on, she breaks up with her boyfriend.

Derrick risks his seat filer job for Kelly. Seat fillers were not supposed to talk to celebrities and even carry mobile phones. Duane Martin who acts as Derick is a broke guy studying law but works part-time as a seat filler.

Derick is struggling financially and actually gets on buses to go  on dates with Jhnelle.Derrick takes long to be honest about who he is truly till Janelle’s Ex exposes him. Jhnelle feels betrayed because she believed Derrick was Alonzo Grant, an entertainment lawyer.

They reconcile and make up.



Ivan n Baliboola

Since the Arua chaos, the president seems to be in a communication overdrive. He is frequently writing social media posts, doing events, and holding national speeches on TV. He has focused on using English.

Musevenis online messages seem to have almost tripled in less than three months. Its interesting to know that he is the same person who believes that social media community is about Lugambo.

Why are Ugandans falling for this kind of “annoying communication Does millennialism tend not to have a short attention span? Why do you think the president does long hours of speeches with emphasis on history?

The presidents content development is framed on Slangs, radical approach, long speeches, and political history. The phrase Bazzukula is now frequently used. The elites online hilariously share what the president says word for word. This is a win-win for his handlers.

Critics make the mistake of only analysing Bobi Wine based on his new political career. Bobi Wine is a Ugandan household brand name that has been around since the 2000s in music and acting. That is why he has not had a ballot box disapproval yet.

He has an audience. Fan power converted into people power. He has a huge fan base and not necessarily supporters. That may explain why his fan power is fragile and he has avoided any direct political affiliations. Using Ghetto president, Omubanda Wa Kabaka,Bobi Wine and, Robert Kyagulanyi as brand names helps a lot.

Bobi rebranded to better and cant be written off easily in politics. The dreads are gone. His dress code changed. He now has a serious appeal without dreads, baggy trousers, and ear rings. This may explain the recent public outcry after a preacher downgraded him because of his past. They believe he changed.

Bobis Wife is the engine. She is Bobi wine part 2. Its rare to have politicians wives go to frontlines with their husbands. Barbie always takes the front seat without fear even after her husbands arrests.
Bobi is a gifted story teller. He has mastered the art of profiling himself as a brand with the public. He made sure he went public following his admission for a leadership course at the prestigious Harvard Kennedy School of Government this year.

He has built a casual brand over the years and it is doing him wonders. Bobi wine maintains a structureless people power movement. It is not built on any religious, political party, and cultural foundations. This means he can easily appeal to anyone universally and develop a new road map. His simple personality is gold. It may explain why many People power endorsed candidates won using his door-to-door campaign tactics.

Bobi wines music presents him as a strong politician. Music is an effective PR tool for political and behavioural change. He brands himself as an edutainment musician. Bobi wines activism music content enables him reach more people than his concerts. Through his music, Bobi has promoted freedom beliefs. Late Lucky Dubes music cannot be ignored in the fight against Apartheid in South Africa.

Bobi Wines age is another advantage since he is not too old. Uganda has a majority youthful population so Youth can easily relate with his music and demands. Youth are possibility dreamers in this impatient Silicon Valley era. Bobis speaking about unemployed youth puts him in the limelight. These are youth who mostly enjoy his slangs especially in “Luyaye”

Moderate character. He is never radical even when he is expected by everyone to be. This brand character has seen him attract people from all works including elites who want a Muntu like diplomat. His life is full of challenges but he takes soft responses. He played down the Buganda land board issue with part of his beach parking lot after a demolition. During the boycott of Tubonge nawe musicians, he publicly did not support it and called for respect for different views.

He is consistent with what he does. He has not changed his values much and what he fights for. Most of his music is advocacy and activism. He has songs advocating for mini-skirts, justice, freedom, governance, and zero tolerance to corruption.

Media king. He has heavily invested in PR handlers and coaching. This change is evident with his media interviews, statements, pictures, and speeches. His music background has positioned him as a media darling. Bobi exploits the local and international media attention on him to push out what he wants. Media wouldnt be focused on him as a politician if he did not have a successful music career. There is power in his huge social media following.

Bobi Wines music goes beyond the beats. Every personal and corporate brand is unique and that is why Bobi wine seems to stand out from the crowd. He shines out of the 400 something MPs. We do have other MPs that sing.

Ivan N Baliboola
PR and Organisational Diagnosis specialist