My new crush is “Coffee and books”. It is a platform for writers to meet and discuss literature in Kampala. They write new work off prompts provided by the facilitator, read out each other’s work, offer feedback ,and tell stories as they take Coffee at Endiro coffee shop  in kamwokya.

“Coffee and books” is a brain child of Writing our world, Kahini, and Endiro coffee shop. It is a monthly literary event. The “Coffee and Books June edition” on Saturday June 11, 2016 was off the hook. The event brought together writers in Kampala from different races and professions. Coffee and books may be the answer to Uganda’s poor reading culture. The best way to define “Coffee and books” is calling it a mini writing workshop. Each participant contributes UGX 10,000 towards coffee and refreshments.


Participants discussed three pieces: A poem,The ponds by Mary Oliver,  a Novel ,We Need New Names’, by NoViolet  Bulawayo, and a poem ,“Instructional manual on self-destruction by lucas chib. Ray Bradbury once said that you must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. Surely “Coffee and books” gathering is one of the best thing that ever happened to Uganda. I had no idea it would be that exciting and would even get me new writing friends.


The event started at 9am and ended at 1pm. We all need writing to boost our moods. Poet R.M. Engelhardt once said that all he needs to survive a rainy day is a good book and a coffee. Participants also took a moment of silence to remember a member of Uganda’s writing fraternity who died in a boda boda accident.


It is an event that combines writing and reading. Participants read excerpts and then review them. Participants are then tasked to write something of their own by Just picking a theme, line or topic from a discussed piece.


As the event is about to end, every participant is free to read out aloud what they wrote if they want to. Announcements are also welcome towards the end of the event. Whoever has general information regarding festivals, and upcoming events can share.


Let me end with this. Toni Morrison said that if there’s a book that you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.


Ivan N Baliboola

PR and organizational diagnosis specialist.


This is a great black American movie. The Movie is about a married woman of two children struggling with sex addiction. She just wants more. Having sex three times a day is not enough. She starts cheating with two men to get satisfaction.Sex addiction is not something you smoke but it’s a real problem. Let’s face it, we are all tempted everyday but it’s about self control. Movie portrays the side effects of pornography and sex toys. The woman stops cheating when one of the other men gets violent as she tries to end the affair. Movie shines different perspective on how women battle sex addiction. She gets into rehab with support of her Husband. It is a late 2014 movie that is already in cinemas.

Ivan N Baliboola



Make a fashion statement with a Backpack.I Have actually invested in a big backpack collection Backpacks have been in existence since Stone Age period. According to Wikipedia, in ancient times, the backpack was used by hunters to carry meat after hunting.In many countries, backpacks are identified with students as a primary means of carrying school books.
Backpacks designers are now targeting different ages,uses,and professions. Backpacks are ideally suited towards the active lifestyle that has become so prevalent these days.
Today you find special backpacks to carry electronic gadgets, lunch boxes,clothes,bottles, flasks, documents, identity cards,raincoats, umbrellas,and sports equipment, books,baby items among other things.
Backpacks are preferred to handbags because of comfort when carrying heavy loads.Features such as padded straps and waist straps distribute weight across the body.Backpacks are also more secure. For example if worn with two straps,its hard for anyone to snatch it.
Shopping for the right Backpack
The American Academy of Paediatrics recommends backpacks with wide, padded shoulder straps. Narrow straps can dig into shoulders resulting in pain and restricted circulation. Backpacks with an extra strap that wrap around the waist offer better support.
Look out for suitably fashionable, attractive, health risk free backpack.Scientific studies have discovered that backpacks could cause injury if not properly used. Posture problems can also arise from improper use of backpacks
Backpacks must be comfortable. Look for padded shoulder straps, waist belts ,and sternum straps which distribute the weight around your body to reduce the risk of back pains and neck pains. If you will be spending a lot of time moving with your backpack, then buy the one with rollers.
Also check if it is waterproof. It may rain and yet you have electronic gadgets inside. Feel free to confirm with the shop attendant before you buy.Zip type is also important. Look for strong zips with provisions of where to place a paddocks.
Ivan Baliboola

ivan final (2)
Government through National Information Technology Authority Uganda (NITA)-U drafted social media guidelines for Civil servants. If you read the 39 page document on NITA website, the government move is justified and governments world over have done it. The guidelines focus on usage, access, code of conduct, training, , risks, strategy, resource planning, and the legal framework related to the use of Social Media for government entities. With effective online communication, direct and self-censorship is inevitable.
Using social media is now a popular means of communication. Social Media has given everyone a voice. Without appropriate guidelines, organizations are vulnerable to inappropriate posts resulting in crises, often by well intended employees. Most social media sites are free and do not require subscription. But that does not mean there should be no control. Just because you have free lunch does not mean you do not wash your hands or follow normal hygiene procedures. The most famous social media sites in Uganda are Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Blogger, word press, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.
Every organization should have social media policy guidelines which address questions like: Who will coordinate? What process needs to be in place to regularly monitor social media activity? How will this happen? How to manage the social sites. Some Companies have had to start new social media accounts every time an employee managing it leaves. Guidelines can help ensure continuity and discipline in such instances.
Social media guidelines prepare organizations for the worst case scenario ahead of time. Civil servants are empowered to be proactive, rather than wait until an issue erupts and be forced to react in crisis mode. The government guide cautions civil servants on timely response to social media queries. Effectiveness of social media is achieved through fast responses.
Social media guidelines act as a crisis management tool. Some critics have attacked government about the issue of seeking authorization to participate in an official capacity but this is what any organization would do to safe guard their image. Disclosure of sensitive or financial information without authorization may be damaging and irreversible. For example if the language tone of officials is not checked online when communicating in their official capacity; it may attract unnecessary bad media coverage. Sometimes officials trade insults online.
Limits are needed to ensure orderliness. The Computer misuse Act 2011 is not that detailed to capture social media management fully and these new guidelines come in handy. The guidelines empower civil servants to ensure they use sites responsibly. There are so many government agencies that have reaped the benefits of social media for example KCCA, URA, and UCC that can be used as case studies.

NITA may need to review the guidelines to summarize them to 2-3 pages. Choice of name for guidelines needs to be changed to be embraced by civil servants. ‘Social media play book’ would be ideal. I strongly feel that the guidelines must not end on caution but also punishment so that they are followed at all times. The Human resource specialists should ensure that all staff read and understand such guidelines before signing.
There is no doubt that the Social media guidelines will help foster government engagement and interaction with audiences in a planned and systematic way. Government and the private sector must dedicate enough resources for social Media training, equipment and internet. Social media specialists should always tie guidelines to the overall social media strategy of the organizations they work for.Guidelines should not be conservative for the brand that needs engagement. For example Guidelines on posting images of a health facility differs from that of a beer company.
Ivan .N. Baliboola
PR and Online media specialist

Competition for limited space in the media makes controlling the content or timing difficult. Celebrities make news and it is better if they are part of the stunt. Northern Uganda Youth MP Evelyn Anite read a resolution by NRM MPs to endorse President Museveni as their presidential flag-bearer for 2016 on her knees early this year. This act was a great publicity tool as most media houses carried the image of Hon Anita Kneeling down. Her cause quickly became a top of discussion.
Below are lessons from the 2013 PR stunts that dominated Ugandan media.
Lesson 1: Tugume buys coffin for Golola Moses before fight.
Tugume showed off a coffin in a press conference at Freedom City to the shock of many. The incident created enormous publicity. Coffin was a Symbol of early victory over his opponent Golola mosses by literally killing. Their fight became more anticipated because of the coffin threat. Though Titus Tugume ‘the rock’ lost to moses Golola, he got media attention that promoted the fight.
Lesson 2: Fairy tale celebrity wedding of Isabirye and Rebecca Jingo.
It was a double celebrity wedding resulting in top PR diagnosis for a PR stunt. The couple had a civil wedding and a church session at St pauls’ Cathedral on the same day. Though some people think it was stage managed. Their vows were also different from the usual ones. Isabirye flew in a chopper to their introduction ceremony and also bought her shares of a locally listed bank on the Uganda securities as a gift. Next time you think of a wedding, maybe use 20 vitZs cars for your wedding to stand out.
Lesson 3: President Museveni’s public HIV test
President took a public HIV test in November last year. This stunt was commendable.The symbolic PR stunt was well publicized online and in the local traditional media.Undertakings by extra ordinary people can inspire countless ordinary people to act or behave in desired ways. The stunt renewed government’s commitment towards HIV/Aids. President Museveni continues to receive applause for the fight against HIV/Aids. Reason for the PR stunt was generating awareness. One should have a good reason for doing a stunt before engaging in one, and then spend time, money and resources to pull it off well. A successful stunt is an awareness accelerator as it simplifies communication.
Lesson 4: President Museveni’s sack money gift to Busoga youth
The two major newspapers carried a picture of the Busoga Youth Forum chairperson,Mr Sanon Bwire, carrying a sack reportedly containing Shs250 million which President Museveni donated to Busoga youth. The act was a fulfillment of presidential pledge but critics argued that it was a manipulative move by the president.The PR stunt gained media attention. The story showed goodwill on the side of government regarding service delivery.Museveni fulfills presidential pledges. The act was a good PR stunt for the president to show continuity with NRM even beyond 2016.
Lesson 5: Celebrity Denzel showed up on stage barefoot
The former Big Brother housemate Denzel showed up barefooted in a suit to give one of the contestants a present at the Miss Uganda 2013 event. This PR stunt featured on the mighty ‘’Agataliko nfufu’’ news of Bukedde TV. With publicity stunts, timing is a component of success. Publicity stunts always succeed because they are visual. Stunts are able to set the agenda of discussion and also keeping the subject fresh in the media and minds of many.Stunts are effective communications tools when used well but they require creativity, proper planning, and media management skills. Communication specialists must always be ahead of everyone they are competing with for limited media attention. If you hate ‘cliché things’ then you will succeed with stunts.Today’s PR or marketing managers need to think beyond press releases.Controversy sells but it should never be at a sacrifice of the organization’s reputation it has built over time. A PR stunt is just like turning tap water into a Tsunami. The event remains fresh in the minds of media professionals. Stunts are effective communication tools when used well and useless time wasters when they are not
Ivan .N.Baliboola
The author has worked with some of the most well-known and influential East African brands in construction, healthcare, Insurance, cosmetics, and banking. He carries a wealth of experience in marketing, Public relations, crisis management, and social media. He is a proud Award winner of a prestigious Public Relations Association of Uganda excellence award. He has volunteered his life to addressing environment and health related causes. He is also a blogger, professional critic, and strategist.
Disclaimer: This article strictly offers academic insight meant to create awareness about crisis PR communication management. Therefore it should be used for educational purposes and not viewed as an attack on institutions or individuals. It offers a professional PR insight into Crisis management in Uganda which is still a young profession. I hope that Lessons shared can better the PR fraternity in Uganda. I commend the inclusion of Best Crisis Management Award category in the PRAU Excellence Awards. PR Practitioners need to be fully involved in crises from the start. The writer assumes no responsibility for contrary interpretation of the subject matter herein.

Should we believe #Angelakalule ? PR controversies of #AngelaKalule’s private Video statement


A private Video of Angela kalule went viral online this month. Angela is a seasoned Ugandan Musician and radio personality. It is alleged that someone who stole her phone leaked the videos. Her actions before and after the leaked video have spark controversy in the court of Public opinion (PR). Angela is a respected personality. She may be honest but her actions after the issue suggested otherwise. This article is purely educational and not an attack on Angela Kalule’s personality. The crisis has inspired comedians redo the video concept using #Kokoonyo

Did she encourage the Leak? Before the Video was leaked, Angela went Public about her phone being stolen on her Facebook page on June 13, 2017. She went ahead to encourage leaks and asked them to return the Phone after getting what they wanted. Why do you dare the public when you are a celebrity? She might have said it jokingly but it still portrays doubt? Read her post


Rushed controversial public apology statement. Barely two days after the video went viral, Angela Issues a controversial statement on June 17 at 11:42am. Crisis management is not about pumping information out but strategy. Even before Fr.Lukodo’s statement came out, she had already released a statement. The best strategy was silence not coming out to alert those that had not seen it. Her issue needed silence to buy time on next action. Ugandans forget so fast and so is media. If she wanted to promote her music and band, why wouldn’t she wait for the crisis to end? That way people don’t think she was behind the leak. She failed to fake sincerity. Why would aggrieving or stressed person decide to do so many interviews with media?

 Why an apology? There is no clear reason why she even apologized in the first place. It was not offensive as she alleges. When you have built a good reputation, sometimes one mistake is nothing…, people just support you and love you more. Was the apology necessary? Obviously not. Surprisingly her statement coincides with her latest release.


Controversial Wording of the statement. It’s the Twentieth century, words matter a lot. She wants us to see her sincerity but she is promoting her new song at the bottom of her statement. Part of her statement read “That said, continue enjoying #KIWAAWO on all radio stations and the video is in progress. Life goes on and the music has to play. God bless you all and have a lovely weekend” Why doesn’t a theorist think it was a publicity stunt? Angela thought she could promote her band and new song at the same time do reputation management. Desire just stuck to promoting her new songs not crisis management at the same time. You don’t just issue a statement for formality. Uganda Celebs need to learn from Irene Namubiru on crisis PR.


Was that statement pre-written? It was not dated, signed off and titled. If she wanted to promote her music business indirectly, why didn’t she put a statement on a letterhead with her band logo?


Being a women of her status, she had to issue a statement but not in the manner she did. If she wanted to play the victim card well, she should have done better. Wouldn’t she drive sympathy better if she appeared with her loved one in public? In crisis magnt, everything must be coordinated. Just like guilty doping athletes would humble themselves during public apologies. They do not highlight their trophies in the same statements of apology.

 Angela Kalule Full statement


Salutations to you. I take this opportunity to apologise to everyone offended by the recent circulation of private media from my phone. None of it was intended for public view and the invasion of privacy therein is offensive.
I however thank everyone that has encouraged me to stay strong. The inbox messages and calls from even my fellow singers are very much appreciated. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and i hold no grudge against anyone who finds it befitting to condemn me. Neither will i hold one against the reporters and media personnel, (Josephat Seguya and Semei of bukedde. Grace Namiyimbo, Carol and Sula Simplex of Ssuubi Fm), who called asking “okoze otya ekintu kireme kufuluma and tuleme kukwabya.” I was powerless and neither did i have the resources to respond positively to your demands.The search for contentment through blackmail and invasion of privacy will not belittle me nor make me lose my self esteem. I still hold my head high and will go about my responsibilities as a dutiful fiance, singer and Mother.
My Mwami, thanks for standing by me kubanga twetegeera. I love you to bits. #Kokoonyo

That said, continue enjoying #KIWAAWO on all radio stations and the video is in progress. Life goes on and the music has to play. God bless you all and have a lovely weekend.

Ivan N Baliboola

PR and organizational diagnosis specialist


Reputation management lessons from the Late Prof. Mukiibi’s life.


A lot has been said about the late Prof Mukiibi’s family life and this article is meant to offer educational insight into PR reputation management. It is not a personal attack. It’s against African culture to talk about the dead but it’s also important to draw lessons from those who die so we do better. Reputation building and protection yields results if you set clear life goals and principles from the word go.


Professor Mukiibi had a good reputation that disappeared after his burial. Pictures of his alleged big family caused a public outcry. Some media reports have put the number of children at 80. Some children in the pictures looked like they were of the same age but not twins. According to the PR (Public Relations) court also known as the Court of public opinion, it was a sign of unacceptable conduct for an educationist. Other elders and moral authorities like Uganda National Teachers’ Union (UNATU) joined the condemnation.


I believe that there are known minimum standards of behaviour just like there are minimum qualifications. Without such standards there is no legacy or good reputation. Any doubt of credibility means a damaged reputation. Securing a reputation starts with maintaining Credibility. Credibility is a measure for a reputation. Building a reputation is not enough but there must be daily activities to maintain and protect the reputation.


Your Reputation will always affect your everything including family, career and business. The personal reputation damage of the Professor has since affected the St. Lawrence schools and University brand. Even God knows that the greatest possession you could ever have on earth is a good reputation. According to the Bible (Proverbs 22:1), a good name is to be chosen rather great riches. Do not get me wrong, not everyone is perfect


Professor’s issue teaches us that media is not our friends but will serve the public mindset. We must be seen to be good. I don’t know of communication specialists who still have the belief of “control” over all media messages. Negative news spreads extremely fast. Reputation damage in “social media and leaks era” is worse than forest fires. You cannot buy out all newspapers of that day that have a negative story about you. By the time burn hard copies, people would be sharing screenshots of the newspaper story on social media.


The fact that St Lawrence institutions are founded on Christian principles just made the name damage worse if allegations are to be trusted. Educationists are supposed to be great role models to students and pupils. Students may think having children anyhow is okay just like their role model. Christianity has particular principles of how to get children and a wife. Christianity has not place for many wives for one man.School business per say is a family brand and must be seen to support good family values. What does that portray about the conduct of such an educationist and examples set? Such thoughts would worry any parent about the schools.


Ugandans should take personal branding seriously. Everyone must invest in both reputation building and protection. It pays to behave well and mind who you interact with. Many people have lost their reputation just by associating themselves with controversial personalities.


Building personality is important for a good reputation. Did you know that a sudden career change can have a lasting impact on your reputation? Most people care about a job pay than what it will add to their reputation. Today, it’s no longer about the money, or a clean heavy CV but a good reputation. Think of the investigative journalists who built personal brands of being political critics but they lost public respect and fan bases the moment they were politically appointed to full time political jobs. The Public today trashes their public opinions which was not the case before.


Reputation will always be damaged but there must be readiness to reconcile contradictory aspects so the future is clearer. The Family should also be commended for coming out to respond on the matter in the media. It is possible to repair a damaged reputation but it must be out of sincerity. Don’t be fooled that good deeds can easily offset reputation damages. Even awards of excellence received prior to the bad reputation may just worsen the issue. You cannot offset a damaged reputation by merely philanthropy and awards.


There is a controversial word that was on a St Lawrence website that went viral. It was not immediately taken down. Online Search reputation management is a new science that all businesses and individuals must practice today. When was the last time you goggled yourself or your business online to assess the top five searches that came up. After the search then take action to protect the reputation if it was damaged.


If you guard your home with all that you have, why not your reputation. Invest just as you build a perimeter fence, hire guards, and install intruder alarms to protect your house valuables. If you can afford, hire a professional reputation handler not a personal assistant. A handler manages everything around you including appearance.





Ivan N Baliboola

PR& Organizational diagnosis specialist




Interview by Caroline Muchobia, Nutritionist – Fresh Dairy on Yoghurt consumption and weight management


  1. What makes Yoghurt a wonder healthy food?

Yogurt is a unique food, among Fresh Dairy product. Yoghurt contains nutrients such as Calcium, Protein, Vitamin B-2, B-12, Potassium, Phosphorus and Magnesium. Yoghurt plays a role in weight management.

  1. How do such nutrients found in Yoghurt mentioned above help our bodies?

CALCIUM helps in the formation of strong bones and teeth PROTEINS help build and repair tissues. VITAMIN B2 helps convert food into glucose for energy; VITAMIN B 12 keeps the body’s nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make. POTASSIUM enhances muscle strength, metabolism, water balance, electrolyte and nervous system. MAGNESIUM helps maintain normal nerve and muscle function and supports a healthy immune system.

  1. How then does Yoghurt help in managing body weight?

According to research the calcium in yoghurt can increase your body’s breakdown of fat and help preserve your metabolism .Yogurt has also shown to burn fat and reduce weight. Possesses unique properties, including its nutritional composition; lactic acid bacteria, which affects gut microbiota (stomach bacteria); and the food matrix, which has a potential role in appetite and glycaemic (person’s blood glucose) control. This means that eating Yoghurt ensures that your appetite is balanced and controlled naturally by your body, hence managing your weight in turn.

  1. How is weight management associated with preventing Type 2 Diabetes?

Yoghurt intake increases body fat loss, decreases food intake and increases the feeling of being fed, decreases glycaemic and insulin response, alters gut hormone response and alters gut microbiota. Furthermore, the relative energy and nutrient content and contribution of a standard portion of yogurt to the overall diet suggests that the percentage daily intake of these nutrients largely contributes to nutrient requirements and provides a significant contribution to the regulation of energy metabolism.


  1. What are the various flavours of Yoghurt that Fresh Dairy has and where can customers find them?

Fresh Dairy currently produces six flavours of Yoghurt namely: Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Mango, Plain and Butter Scotch.

Fresh Dairy Yoghurt can be found countrywide in Supermarkets, Retail shops, Duukas or our branded kiosks and bicycles that are usually located in busy trading centers such as Bugolobi and Nakawa among others.





Huawei Consumer Business Group yesterday  unveiled its latest high end flagship phablet dubbed ‘Mate 9’ in Uganda.
Speaking at the unveil of the Mate 9 held at Kinetic – Huawei’s brand shop and service centre, Jean Baguma, Marketing Manager Huawei Uganda said, ‘The HUAWEI MATE 9 seeks to solve issues of smartphone sluggishness and unresponsiveness by optimizing both the hardware and the software to bring consumers a new kind of smartphone experience.’
She explained that The HUAWEI MATE 9 is powered by Huawei’s Kirin 960 chipset – designed specifically to meet the needs of a premium Android smartphone.
Sam Cris Ayo, Device Services Manager Huawei Uganda who was also present at the unveil said, ‘Huawei is also introducing EMUI 5.0, an intuitive Android user experience with performance-enhancing solutions powered by the latest in artificial intelligence. This unique combination of hardware and software guarantees that the HUAWEI MATE9 will bring consumers a new kind of smartphone experience.’
In regards to specifications, The HUAWEI MATE 9 combines a 4000 mAh high-density battery with the more energy efficient Kirin 960 and a new generation of Huawei’s SuperCharge technology, significantly extending battery life. Its phone call time goes up by 40 percent, and gaming time improves by 20 percent, supports 20 hours of continuous video playback, 30 hours of 3G calling, 20 hours of 4G browsing, and up to 105 hours of music playback.

Following the incredible success of the HUAWEI P9, the HUAWEI MATE 9 features the second generation Leica dual-lens camera, created with the Mate series user in mind. Co-engineered with Leica, the HUAWEI MATE 9’s dual lenses work in concert to capture and reproduce stunning details, taking them one step closer to professional cameras. The HUAWEI MATE 9 continues the full-metal unibody frame design found in the Mate Series. Its refined, curved back is optimized for the perfect balance of ruggedness and refinement and its construction demonstrates artisan-caliber metalworking.
The HUAWEI MATE 9 is the dual-SIM smartphone with more bandwidths than any other smartphone. It includes five 2G bands, nine 3G bands, and 20 4G bands, as well as easy roaming in 217 countries and regions.
The phablet which was launched in November 2016 will now be available for purchase in Uganda before end of February 2017.

This article strictly offers academic insight meant to create awareness about crisis PR management in Uganda. Therefore, it should be used for educational purposes and not viewed as an attack on institutions or individuals.

Stanbic shocks on bad crisis communication.


Stanbic bank Uganda was in the spotlight for the wrong reasons. This followed a local Newspapers report about a minister allegedly assaulting their female bank guard. It is alleged that Hon. Minister Kibuule assaulted Ms Hellen Obuku when she insisted that the minister must be checked. Stanbic rushed to respond even when they didn’t have to. The first mistake was to publicly apologize to the minister and ignore the guard. It reflected the bank as a bad employer and ignited public outcry in the court of Public opinion. They had an optional of buying time since it was a case still under police investigation but they didn’t. The bank issuing two contrary statements from two different departments. You cannot afford to make mistakes when you are managing a crisis. Some customers joined the boycott of the bank services simply because the first reaction ignored the guard. It’s good PR to identify those who are directly or indirectly affected by a crisis. Some tweep took time to mark and edit the bank press release.


URA twitter account goes “mute” after a controversial discussion.

Social media fraternity was in shock after URA went quiet on Twitter. Uganda Revenue Authority [URA] Commissioner General Doris Akol found herself at a loss of words after a tweep engaged her over taxation. The authority was holding a live Twitter session running under the hashtag #AskTheCG. URA account did not respond to further questions of a tweep regarding taxation despite him pressing on. This incident dented the transparency culture of URA.It was as if they are hiding something. At least the URA team would have diverted the tweep or taken the discussion offline but not keeping quiet.

Ugandan diplomat releases sensitive information.

A Foreign Service Official blundered when communicating according to a local Daily.Kintu Nyago, the chargé d’affaires at our Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York, circulated an internal briefing memo on South Sudan to the world body’s 15 Security Council members which was not supposed to be shared publicly. This caused shame to Uganda’s International image. Critics blamed it to lack of experience and expertise in diplomacy. A local newspaper also dedicated a full editorial. Nyago was never recalled or punished. It gave birth to a question as asked by a local newspaper “How many blunders should politicians named ambassadors make before the President realizes the path of self-destruction he has placed the country on abroad?”

Greenhill Academy on sex books crisis.

A parent posted about the school’s failure to be apologetic about giving her child sex orientation books. Soon a local daily picked interest in the case. Minister of Ethics was involved and so was Parliament. The school just issued a letter on the matter. There was no public show of action like suspending the teacher who received the complaint or destroying the alleged sex orientation books at Green Hill Academy, Buwaate. One of the books in question, Girls in Love by Jacqueline Wilson, has been described by critics as “explicit sexual literature” It was a good move for the school to welcome people to their library especially the minister.
NTV sacks staff.

NTV Uganda announced on Facebook that it had dismissed two employees over misconduct. Part of the statement said “NTV Management announces that Anne Nakawombe and Kevin Kaija have ceased being employees of the station owing to gross misconduct.”The Public notice was published on Facebook but did not give details on the type of misconduct. The sketchy details on staff misconduct just prolonged the crisis. A Viral fake Sex tape and old nude pictures were linked to the incident. NTV issued a second statement refuting the story as baseless. This calmed the waters. NTV reassured public and stated their value which was right. “At NTV, we hold ourselves to the highest standards with our values and integrity in the work place to ensure that we are a trusted and credible source of information and entertainment.” Part of the statement read. One of the sacked employees thanked NTV for her career growth. It helped portray NTV as a good employer.

Crane bank taken over by BOU.

They say there is no fire without smoke. For weeks, possible crane bank collapse speculations started on Facebook and Whataspp as a joke. Crane bank and Bank of Uganda (BOU) first refuted the allegations then suddenly BOU announced a takeover on October 20, 2016.This crisis dented bank of Uganda and Crane bank reputations respectively. The takeover of Crane Bank management by Bank of Uganda (BOU) was normal regulatory practice but critics called for more investigations on the incident. According to BOU, Crane Bank Limited is undercapitalized which posed a systemic risk to the stability of the financial system. Takeover disrupted normal business operations though it might have added trust in Uganda’s banking sector. BOU attempt to communicate is commendable though it was not effective. This may explain the fact that after the takeover, fresh speculation on economy being unstable and possible more local bank takeovers dominated the media. The BOU statement on “Financial Sector Stable and Resilient” released on October 24, 2016 did not even have figures and was short.
Eddy Kenzo attacks MAMA awards for his loss.
Local promising musician Kenzo went to social media and said the MAMA awards were not fair. He alleged that he lost because he was the Airtel brand Ambassador among other excuses. He thought he was protecting his image after the loss but it is bad PR for his entire career. In the past he has hit a Ugandan journalist at a press conference. Who acts like that anyway? Bebe Cool accepted defeat yet it was his second time. Did Kenzo ever think that it could hinder his nomination in other international awards? Ugandan celebrities should treat themselves as brands. MTV responded and asked him to accept defeat. According to the Africa Director of Communications for Viacom International Media Networks (VIMN) Alison Reid, the Best Live Act and other key voting categories were 100 percent chosen by MTV viewers and music fans. South African Cassper Nyovest walked away with the award.
Mass resignations’ at Sudhir’s Victoria University
Crane bank takeover by Bank of Uganda had just settled in. Another crisis involving Sudhir’s business empire surfaced. URN reported that Top managers at Victory University resigned while tempers are still flaring among the academic staff at Makerere University over unpaid incentives; top managers at Victoria University have relinquished their positions. Unconfirmed reports indicated that the lecturers resigned their positions because of the unprofessional conduct of the owners of the university. David B. Matovu, the chairperson of Victoria University Council issued a notice to students explaining the status of the vice chancellor, deans and heads of department, saying they resolved not to report to work effective November 1. For a university with a past scandal, these resignations raise serious questions of credibility.

Ivan N. Baliboola
PR &organizational Diagnosis Specialist

• PRAU 2 whatsapp group two outing. Group2 had an outing on Friday January 8, 2016 at sidelines bar to welcome 2016.
• PRAU Whatsapp group one outing. PRAU Whatsapp group one had their first outing on January 29, 2016.The event attracted over 28 people at Faze 2
• Parliament of Uganda PRAU Affair. PRAU members had a tour of the Ugandan Parliament on January 29, 2016. The tour guide and concept initiator was the Senior Public Affairs Officer of Parliament Peter Odeke(Opp).
• Coca-cola Uganda rewards active PRAU whatsapp members.Cocacola delivered canned soda with customised names to their respective workplaces. Special thanks to Maureen(Coca-Cola)
• Umeme PRAU Affair. PRAU family visited Umeme on Friday February 26, 2016.The event that started at 2pm attracted Over 28 practitioners. An office tour is a crucial PR tool that is not common in Uganda. PR practitioners are influencers at all levels both offline and online. After the tour, members had a reception with a Q and A session.
PRAU launched its first PRAU Health run
• The first PRAU monthly health run was held on March 17, 2016.

• PRAU Health run held in April
• NSSF- PRAU dialogue & networking session on Friday April 15,2016.

• PRAU Health run held in April
• PRAU PIZZA Hut affair. Members were treated to a Pizza event.

• PRAU Health run held in April

• PRAU had a networking outing at Guvnor on Friday July 1,2016 during the Oldies’ night.
• PRAU elections of a new GC.Standard Chartered Bank’s Cynthia Mpanga made history when she was elected unopposed by members of the Public Relations Association of Uganda (PRAU) during their 39th Annual General Meeting (AGM) held at Hotel Africana on Saturday July 9, 2016.
• PRAU Health run. New Vision’s Robert Kabushenga was the chief runner on September 29, 2016.
• PRAU launched 2016 awards
• October PRAU health Run. NTV’s Flavia participated in the 7th PRAU health run which was on Thursday October 27, 2016. She was the chief celebrant at the run.
• PRAU held its annual Prau Excellence awards
• There was a PRAU Ladies End of Year Hang out on Friday December 16 2016.
• PRAU men also had an outing to end 2016

In 2015, Ugandan Media reported about a case involving a baker who allegedly bought rotten Margarine from capital shoppers Ntinda. She had evidence of a receipt and rotten Margarine. Do you think she would have lodged a complaint if she did not have her receipt? A receipt will act as a point of reference or evidence for that matter.
Today people are more concerned about their shopping rewards cards than their receipts in supermarket. Fall in love with your shopping receipts. It’s common for people to throw their receipts away the moment they get out of a supermarket. Always ask for your receipt if you shop in a supermarket. You will learn a lot. When you notice an error on it, you can always have evidence to back up your refund claim.
Did you know that a supermarket can also make mistakes? Computers are operated by humans. There is a time I was charged a price for a cartoon yet I picked a pair of rechargeable batteries. I noticed a huge figure on my receipt and confronted the cashier.
May be a supermarket cheating you is not intentional and it’s just their stuff who are not efficient. Learn to blacklist troublesome supermarkets and always be on full alert when shopping.
If your change is less than what you are supposed to get as indicated on a receipt, a cashier should explain that to you with solutions. A cashier may ask you to pick anything worth that money. Some supermarkets don’t have lower denominations so they may tell you to top up a higher denomination. The higher denomination will offset the excess change you may receive.
There is a chance you are being cheated and cashier is benefiting. It pays to be mean in this world of cheats. Get in the habit of checking your change if it corresponds with the receipt when you shop in a supermarket.
Collecting receipts may be another way you cut on your expenses and save more. A receipt defines your spending habits. Getting a receipt from a supermarket will also help you track your expenses over a period of time which may translate into financial freedom. You cannot control what you do not measure.
Besides avoiding being cheated in supermarkets Asking for a receipt also turns you into a responsible citizen by helping URA collect taxes better. Taxes actually improve service delivery.

Ivan N.Baliboola